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Liat Palace, Amdocs: Applying Genetic Engineering to Your Organizational Culture

  • May 12, 2020

    Liat Palace, Head of Agile and DevOps Transformation at Amdocs, shares how she helped the company understand that behavior is not a result of managerial instructions and not driven by the nice slogans written on the company walls. The hidden behavioral instructions that lie in every organization are actually the unspoken codes that dictate how decisions will be made, how new employees will be onboarded, and how communication will work.

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Allison Massari, Executive Coach and Visual Artist: Special Guest Keynote

  • May 12, 2020

    Allison Massari, Executive Coach and Visual Artist, delivers a special guest keynote and involves the audience in Q&A.

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Panel: Volunteer Animal Rescue Operations with WIRES - Saving Animals in The Fire Season with xMatters

  • May 12, 2020

    Leanne Taylor, CEO of WIRES and Kyla Shelley, Operations Manager for WIRES, talk with Steve Foster, xMatters VP of Asia Pacific and Japan.

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Building an Unbreakable Google Cloud Pipeline: How to Achieve Seamless Cloud Service Deployments

  • May 27, 2020

    How do you release software at high velocity without sacrificing quality or security? Join cloud transformation experts, Travis DePuy (Head Product Evangelist at xMatters), Priyanka Vergardia (Developer Advocate at Google), and Seth Moffitt (Solution Architect at SADA) to learn how to optimize and safeguard your deployment pipeline and launch customer-pleasing services to Google Cloud. Get real-life examples and best practices for accelerating quality checks, automating remediation, and ensuring reliable and resilient cloud service infrastructure.

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Mark Streger, Freddie Mac: Crawl, Walk, Run - Improve IT operations with xMatters

  • June 16, 2020

    Mark Streger, IT Manager of Freddie Mac will discuss adoption at a large organization where xMatters is used for support engagement, support group escalation and roster management. Crawl - How do you get supported and what is required? Do you have a system for user provisioning? Walk - What about a test platform? Training Platform? Do you need a data backup strategy? Access to xMatters outside of your network? What about reporting? Additional use cases? Is onboarding and usage standardized and repeatable? Run - Improved integration with ITSM plugin. Enablement of MS teams Bot. Rollout of Splunk dashboard. Nested groups for major incidents. Automated xMatters engagement from monitoring alerts and incidents.

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Webinar On Demand: Navigating Digital Transformation

  • Digital transformation offers a host of customer experience benefits, but even the smoothest transformation can have a few bumps. As organizations increasingly rely on digital services -- a modern approach to incident management is needed to maintain strong customer relationships. Led by CIO Dive, Tobias Dunn-Krahn, CTO of xMatters and Sean Mack, CIO/CISO of Wiley, will discuss how incident management is evolving to accommodate digital transformation and the reliance on digital services.

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